Troubleshooting Adware troubles

Hi guys, web is full of unwanted programs, viruses , worms, adware and many more. Where viruses and worms are risk to security, adware can be annoying. And removing adware sometimes can also be frustrating as many antivirus programs ignores the adware(as its not a threat to security). I have experienced the same and had followed some steps to get rid off them. Following are few steps which may help to eliminate adware:

1. Always have antivirus program updated

Its true that antivirus program cannot clean all adware but still it is always safe to have updated antivirus. Some antivirus can display warning for potential adware containing URLs. And also some adware may poses threat to security which can be cleaned by antivirus program. There are many antivirus programs but personally I prefer Eset.

2. Adblocker extension for browsers

Adblocker extensions like adblocker , adblocker plus can be helpful for removing ads from websites. Though they cannot remove adware from the system but it can make web surfing less annoying.

3. Uninstall unknown programs

So, you installed something from the web and adware started popping up. Mostly this is the source of adware. Adware comes wrapped up into legitimate looking program and you ll never know from where it got installed. So, first step go to control panel and uninstall any program which you don’t know. If got confused whether its useful program or adware, check the publisher and installed date of the program. If any unfamiliar publisher, uninstall it.

4. Remove unknown extensions from browsers

Now, you have uninstalled all unknown programs, but still whenever you open your browser you find some unfamiliar start up page. Its because adware had installed extensions too for all installed browsers. Go to settings of browsers and remove all unknown extensions (don’t disable remove completely) and if possible reset the browser settings too.

5. Take help from adware removal program

You have followed all the above steps but still whenever you open your browser same unknown start up page.This is because adware programs are getting smarter. They don’t just get installed as application or as extension, they modify the configuration files for the browsers or add unwanted url links to target property of browser’s shortcut.Now its better to take help from anti-malware or adware removal program. These programs will clean all the shortcut and configuration files. I have used few but I like Zemana anti malware, it has a portable version too.

So, that’s all I have tried and worked for me. If you tried all these and still not able to clean, add a comment I’ll be happy to help.

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