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The World is getting digital. Different programming languages are emerging. More people are interested in programming now. And according to me whoever can read English and knows basics of computers can learn to code. So whether it is for freelancing, or just for fun, if you want to learn to program, it is very important to give a correct start. In this post, I m not going to explain which tutorial series to watch or which programming language to choose. I’ll be touching the very basics of programming and how to make learning easy.


An algorithm should be the start

The algorithm is a sequence of actions required to perform a specific task. Beginners always skip this step, but writing algorithm is very important. Writing an algorithm or pseudo code gives a better understanding of the flow of the program. An algorithm can make your work easy while writing a complex program. If you don’t know how to write an algorithm, try googling. You can start with this https://goo.gl/Vj3Fxh


Flowcharts to control the flow

The flowchart is a diagram of a sequence of actions required to perform a specific task. Creating a flowchart of a program requirement is getting one step closer to technical implementation. It helps in designing the flow of control of the program. While writing a complex program, flowcharts help to avoid confusion and to reduce the redundancy.


Errors and Exceptions are friends

Errors and exceptions, developers don’t want to see them but believe me these are friends. True, you’ll definitely want an error-free program but you achieved that you need to know why these errors occur. Every time you get an error try not only to find the solution but also the root cause. This will help you to reduce the occurrence of that error again. So more errors and exceptions you get the more you’ll learn how to handle them. This experience will help you to become a better developer.


Examples are the only way to learn

Example isn’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach

Albert Einstein

It is always suggested to flow learning by doing, and this is the best way to get experience. Try to do as many examples as possible while you learn. Don’t stick to tutorials examples only, think of a real-life scenario and try to implement that in your program. You can think of changing a “Hello World” program to a better greetings program which shows the message as per the current time. So try to explore more and do more. The more you do, the more you’ll learn and the more you will enjoy programming.


Try Google

While writing code you ‘ll find at times yourself stuck. It happens a lot even with the experienced developers. Sometimes even in the tutorial, the solution is not there. That time take help from google. There are various forums from which you can find the solution either by asking or by going through the already asked questions. http://www.stackoverflow.com is one such forum. Dont try to search the whole program, its always better to break the program into smaller sections(algorithm and flowchart can help) and try to search the smaller problems. Dig as much as you can and definitely, you’ll find the solution.


So these are the few points which I thought is important while you are starting with coding in any language. After this, of course, there are tutorials which you can find on google for your language of interest.

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